The Fast Growing Township of Maharashtra like Mira Bhayandar must have a multifaceted transparent development driven by strong political will & visionary outlook. It should be a model city that showcases a blend of world-class modern infrastructure and ancient rich culture.

By supporting wellness efforts, we can offer an environment in Mira Bhayandar where residents and employees are encouraged to be more physically active, eat nutritious food and enjoy the advantages of good health.

Technology offers many ways for local governments to increase and enhance the transparency of their operations. A proactive approach is best when it comes to providing information to residents and the media.

The state’s goals around reducing greenhouse gas emissions are based on a vision that concentrates growth in urban cores and utilizes transit. To meet these goals, cities like Mira Bhayandar must be able to make much-needed infrastructure upgrades and repairs to support this vision.

The Internet is no longer a new tool, and many aking good use of it. In this era of fiscal austerity, we are all working to do more with less. Mira Bhayandar is also using technology to improve efficiency and increase government transparency.

We have made significant progress during a year filled with obstacles and difficulties such as Employment – oriented education, Professionalism in governance, Accountable public institutions,etc.

With several cities even within India leaping way forward, it’s time we come together and set things right.